The Birth of BallerYoga


What began in meditation resulted in the combination of two great traditions: Football & Yoga. Introducing the world's first Official Football Leather Yoga Mat... Designed to optimize your practice, BallerYoga mats integrate the genuine grip and release that football players have known for decades to the yoga community. 

Cedric Yau - Founder/Guru

Created by fitness competitor, world traveler, and inventor Cedric Yau, BallerYoga brings high-performance, primal mats to yoga enthusiasts and professional sports athletes alike. BallerYoga gets its name from the product’s inspiration: professional footballs. Cedric discovered American Football solved the problem of needing a material that was grippy, and yet not sticky—A solution decades before yoga became an international phenomenon.

Bali to Baller

From the beaches of Bali, and a life-changing experience at a 5-star Yoga Retreat, one thing was lacking... The Yoga Mat. Amidst a pristine backdrop of white sand beaches and crystal blue waters, the cheap, slippery, low-quality yoga mats provided were an obvious weak link in the practice and experience. After hours of meditation and ingenuity, Cedric saw an opportunity to revolutionize the traditional mat in to something both eye-catching and beneficial to the practice.