Revolutionizing the Yoga Mat...


Genuine Grip.  Rapid Release.

A football accelerates from zero to sixty & spins at 600 RPM. One second later it’s caught 30 yards downfield. Nothing beats the grip and control of leather. Every baller knows this... And now Ballers are tackling Yoga.

100% Pebble-Grain Football Leather

BallerYoga mats begin with the same Horween Tanned-In-Tack football leather used by professional ballers and finish with a contract manufacturer specializing in high-end leather goods.  Everything from the leather to the lace is 100% Made in USA.

Nothing is More Primal

Unlike synthetic mats that stink, BallerYoga Leather smells great from day one.  Cherish every child's pose and be brought back to the days of Pop Warner.  Like all leather goods, BallerYoga mats get better with age.  Your mat will grow more beautiful with your practice.